The industry needs to re-invent itself. Across Europe, a re-industrialization is happening because of new geopolitical and economic realities. Strategic autonomy prevents economic vulnerability and is sparking several reshoring, nearshoring and friendshoring initiatives across industries. Climate laws and Net Zero targets are challenging, new requirements for older industries. A process of Creative Destruction is ongoing: several struggling industry sectors are bound to be replaced by new industrial startups.

Why Revitalize?

Our industrial sector is built on an untenable fossil foundation. Government, society and capital providers do not tolerate this ancient business model anymore. Action is required to prevent an industrial mortuary. A company’s profit from the past do not secure its value in the future.

To secure true value creation, a new ambition for the industry is necessary. Forget ‘lowest cost strategies’, but instead look for high quality industrial solutions for future technologies. The innovative talent pool required to bring this about will find its way towards organizations who are frontrunners in this transition process.

The Revitalize Industry institute helps industrial companies and their service providers with the necessary transition towards relevant and economically viable. The Vitality Wheel Ó is the new paradigm specifically developed to help organizations in the industrial sector making the required transition and start the revitalization process.

This is how we revitalize


What is the ambition of your organization? Does your ambition still stands when faced with the opportunities and threats coming from the 5th Industrial Revolution?


What is the footprint of your organization? How futureproof and transparent is your current footprint?


Which customer solutions do you provide? Do they meet the new demands from all your stakeholders?


Which Human Capital do you currently have who can actually transform all these new challenges into a success for your business?


What does your organization invest in new customer solutions and production technologies? And your internal business processes?

Our goal

The Revitalize Industry Institute has a clear purpose: recovery of the industry in Europe. We want to achieve this through (1) revitalizing current businesses, (2) controlled scaling down of non-viable activities and (3) stimulating innovative and sustainable activities and organizations.

The current strength available in the organization is the central starting point. With a current state assessment, training courses, masterclasses and purposeful strategic projects, the Revitalize Industry Institute supports the organization to take their own steps to remain or become relevant and viable.

Join us!

Make your organization futureproof. Assign a Revitalize Manager and start creating new value. With the following three steps your organizations will prepare your organization to start the journey of remaining relevant and viable:

1.Where are we?

Do a current state assessment that tells you how vital your business actually is

2.How do we make the organization vital?

With the Revitalize Training course & Masterclass your management team members and senior staff will be trained to start revitalizing their business activities and teams

3.How to implement this?

Revitalize Execution helps prioritizing and implementing the required strategic improvement projects. Step by step towards renewed relevance and viability

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